Mini 6inch Suction Dredger For Sale

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Our&nWater Jection Dredgerbsp;6inch cuttDredger Cutterer suction dredgers Dredge PipelineCutter Suction Dredgerare designed by senior engineer, who have specialized in shipbuilding and dredging work for many years, to guarantee they are well-designed and practical. Our 8inch cutter suction dredger is a widely used type of dredging equipment environmental dredging project for river, lake and reservoir dredging.


Application of Mini 6inch Suction Dredger For Sale

1. Sand Dredging
2. Port dredging
3.Port,river dredging
4.Channel,dam dredging
5.Deep reservior dredging
6. Tailing reservoir dredging

Specification of Mini 6inch Suction Dredger For Sale

Pump size6inch
Sand output40m3/h
Dredging depth1.5-11m
Max Discharge distance500m
Average draught1.3m
Dia. of in/out pipes200/150mm
Main engine75kw
Emergency genset15kw
Control systemSiemens PLC
Dia. Of cutter head800mm
Dia. Of oil cylinder100mm
Electrical systemSchneider
SteelCCSB standard


Mini 6inch Suction Dredger For Sale Features

1). Great Adaptability. The cutter suction dredgers can be widely used in river, lake, sea, reservoir and so on for sand/mud dredging, waterway cleaning and reclamaition work.

2). High Efficiency. The cutter suction dredgers can dredge and discharge sand/mud at the same time without other ships for transportation. 

3). Easy Operation. With hydraulic system and PLC control system, all the dredgers operation can be done in the operation cabin.

4). The dredgers are dismountable. So they can be disassembled and assembled easily.

5). Customized designs will be made based on customers' project requirements. 

6). All the Julong dredgers are built by skilled workers and inspected strictly to assure the high quality and durability. 

7). Best parts will be used for the dredgers, like world famous Cummins engines, Shijiazhuang pumps, Hangzhou gearboxes, Simens PLC control system.

8). Professional engineers will be sent to the project site to insist the customers on the installation, commissioning, testing of the dredgers and training of operators.

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