10 Inch Floating Gold Cutter Suction Dredger For Sale

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10 inch floDredge PipelineaDredge PipelinetinSand Dredging PDredger Cutterumpg gold Cutter Suction Dredger is a widely used type of dredging equipment inenvironmental dredging project for river, lake and reservoir dredging. It has advanced working parameter, and it can be split and installed, adopt to a variety of working conditions to meet the project limit of road transportation. Cutter suction dredger is suitable to the terrain environment, which can be working in the shaded sea, insland rivers, lakes and resevoirs for long time or 24-hours operation.



Specification of 10 Inch Floating Gold Cutter Suction Dredger For Sale

Pump size10inch
Sand output200m3/h
Dredging depth1.5-11m
Max Discharge distance800m
Average draught1.5m
Dia. of in/out pipes350/300mm
Main engine298kw
Emergency genset15kw
Control systemSiemens PLC
Dia. Of cutter head1000mm
Dia. Of oil cylinder125mm
Electrical systemSchneider
SteelCCSB standard


Items for selecting a cutter suction dredger


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Main feature of 10 Inch Floating Gold Cutter Suction Dredger For Sale

1. It has high dredging accuracy.
2. With low disurbance
3.With low pollution.
4.It can be split and installed.
5.It can work for a long time or 24-hours operation.18 Inch River Cutter Suction Sand Dredger
6. I has high production effiency,because the process of dredging ,suction,and discharge is done by itself.


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