Sea Sand Lifting Hydraulic Jet Suction Dredger

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Cutter SuctiSand Dredging PumpoSand Dredging Pumpn Dredgersea sand lifting Bucket Dredgerhydraulic jet suction dredger is composed mainly of high-pressure water pump and sand suction pump. The dredger is detachable so it can be loaded into the container and easily transported to any location. The jet sand suction dredger is equipped with self-propelled equipment to push it running. This dredger use high impact pressure of water to impact the bottom of sand layer, the sand splashing around the suction head. So the sand pump can suck sand material easily and efficiently, it is very suitable for the loose sand bed.


2. Product Specification

PowerYuchai, 162kw, 1800rpm
GearboxType 135, 1.5:1
Inlet diameter200mm
Outlet diameter150mm


3. Product Feature

● Novel design, high efficiency, large output, long discharge distance.

● High quality wear resistance and long serve life sand pump.

● Pumping depth reaches up to 20-30m underwater.

● Dredge hull consists of multiple pontoons connected by proven coupling system.

● Highly efficient fuel consumption and minimum overall operational costs.

● Control box and instrument are mounted in ergonomic dash board.

● Low investment and good operating performance.

● Simple and fast assembly and disassembly, easy to operate.

● OEM, ODM, customization are available.



4. Dredger Structure

The dredger consists of a main pontoon and two side pontoons. The construction makes disassemble quickly and easier to transport by road, rail or sea, also more convenient to replace at site. Engine and dredging pump are on the main pontoon. Side pontoons could be used as oil storage tank, ballast tank and dry cabin.
The spacious control cabin is ergonomically designed with 360 degree view. All the operation buttons, switches, indicators, gauges are equipped on the control desk. Only two operators can control the dredger in the operation room.
Four layers anticorrosive marine paint provide the zinc anode protection to improve effect of corrosion.

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