Sea Sand Mining Dredger

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Introduction of Sea Sand Mining Dredger

SeCutter SuctiSand Dredging Pumpon Dredgera sand mSand DDredger Cutterredging Pumpining dredger has broad range of applications in operations the rivers and lakes for the dredging, channel excavation. In exceptional circumstances a Cutter Suction Dredger cutter installed on the high-power devices, can be excavated without blasting rocks such as basalt and limestone strata.With characteristics of high efficiency, large output up to several thousand cubic meters per hour; the sand, or crushed rock material to rely on a strong driving force through the mud pumps and mud pipeline, pumping out a few kilometers outside.


1). Dredger and pontoon technical specification

Water flow                                   2500 m3/h
Solid sand capacity      500 cbm/h
Max. dredging depth                         13 m
Discharge distance                             1700 m
Average draught                              1.7m
Dia. discharge/suction pipe            350mm/300mm   14/12inch
LOA                                             31m  cutter head length is included
Dredger after assembly                   23*7.5*2.5m    Length* width* depth,
Engine room pontoon                    13.75*3.5*2.5m  Length* width* depth  1 pc
Side pontoon                               20*2*2.5m       Length* width* depth  2 pcs
Structure                                       Can be dismantle and assemble at working place

2). Main engine and auxiliary engine information

a.      Cummins engine on dredger are as below:
Main engine power&type        596KW/811HP   Cummins engine       1set
Auxiliary engine power             224KW/305HP   Cummins engine      1set
Total power                                 820KW/1116HP
b.      or DEUTZ MAN-MWM engine are as below
Main engine power&type         600KW/816HP MAN-MWM engine   1set
Auxiliary engine power            222KW/301HP MAN-MWM engine     1set
Total power                                 822KW/1117HP


3) Cutter head specifications

Cutter diameter                 1500mm with replaceable teeth
According to water flow of the dredging pump, we calculate the diameter of the cut head; only the best cutter head diameter can provide the best capacity of the sand.
Cutter type                    Crown-like
Cooling system               Water cooling
Cutter speed in rpm             10/20/30R/min
Motor power                 80KW/109HP
Motor quantity               1 pc
Cutter teeth quantity            30 pcs
Cutter teeth material            ZGMn13
Cutter blade quantity            5 pcs
Cutter blade material            ZGMn13

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