SNC concrete mixing plant

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The size of the SNC concrete mixing plant can be adjusted based on the required storage volume and the specific needs of different materials, minimizing volume waste. This customization capability allows for optimal storage solutions tailored to your requirements. Additionally, the silo can be reused at different sites, reducing the user's investment and increasing cost-effectiveness.

Key features of the LUCHEN® SNC concrete mixing plant include:

Diameter Flexibility: The silo's diameter can be designed to meet different size requirements and accommodate special needs, such as double-cone configurations, multiple discharge ports, and silo spraying systems.

Anti-Corrosion Performance: All components of the silo undergo sandblasting and shot blasting processes, ensuring strong anti-corrosion performance. The silo body is assembled using high-strength special bolts, providing an attractive appearance, low maintenance costs, and an extended service life.

Transportation Convenience and Savings: The SNC concrete mixing plant can be transported in various sizes, and multiple silos can be installed simultaneously. This significantly reduces freight costs and enhances transportation convenience.

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