14 inch Cutter Suction Sand Dredger

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1.Advantages of 14 inch Cutter Suction Dredger

14 incDredger Cutterh cutter suctiSand Dredging Pumpon dredger is wideSand Dredging Pumply used, becWater Jection Dredgerause of its small volume, can be used for smaller river, rivers, lakes, ocean dredging, channel excavation, land reclamation, etc.. In special cases, the cutter suction dredger is installed on the high-power reamer equipment, which can excavate the basalt and limestone strata without blasting, and the speed is very fast, and the processing capacity can reach 100-5000m3/h

The cutter suction dredger has the characteristics of high efficiency, large output and long pump distance. The dredger adopts world famous brand cummins engine, Shijiazhuang water pump, Hangzhou gearbox, Siemens PLC control system and other best accessories. The cutter suction dredger has a flow rate of 5,000 cubic meters per hour; The mud or gravel materials through the mud pump and drainage pipe, power using Cummins diesel generator set, with strong power to the kilometer outside.

Cutter suction dredger is simple to operate and easy to control. Dredgers rely on the use of trolley steel piles at the stern of the ship to position and step, reamers thrive on the use of two test wire ropes and two test anchors in the ditch, by hinged car traction, the box swings to reduce sediment material, at a certain control of the rotation Angle of the work, the material is pumped through the mud pipe, and the yard. The steps of a dredger are composed of two piles moving forward alternately.

The cutter suction dredger has good economy. Material excavation and transportation can be completed in one time, and there is no need to cooperate with other ships for multiple loading and unloading. The project cost is low.

Compared with the traditional dredging sand, cutter suction dredging sand can use a larger diameter reamer dredging operations, digging depth is also larger.

2. Specification of Sea Sand Cutter Suction Dredger

NO.itemTotacllength(m)ICapacity(m³)Engine power(kw)Diging depth(m)Discharge distance(m)Water flow(m³)
8 inch17 m160 m³220 kw8 m800 m800 m³
10 inch23 m200 m³336 kw9 m1000 m1000 m³
12 inch25 m300 m³559 kw10 m1200 m1500 m³
14 inch27 m400 m³634 kw11 m1500 m2000 m³
16 inch29 m500 m³746 kw13 m1500 m2500 m³
18 inch31 m600 m³895 kw14 m1500 m3000 m³
20 inch36 m800 m³1268 kw15 m2000 m4000 m³
22 inch38 m900 m³1491 kw16 m2000 m4500 m³
24 inch41 m1100 m³2190 kw16 m2000 m5500 m³
26 inch43 m1200 m³2380 kw16 m2000 m6000 m³
28 inch45 m1400 m³3000 kw17 m2200 m7000 m³
32 inch50 m1500 m³3500 kw17 m2500 m7500 m³

3. The characteristics of 14 inch Cutter Suction Sand Dredger

1) Strong adaptability. Cutter suction dredger can be widely used in rivers, lakes, oceans, reservoirs and other places to clear sand/sediment, channel cleaning and reclamation works.

2) High efficiency. Cutter suction dredger without other ship transportation, can simultaneously dredging, discharge sand and mud.

3) Simple operation. Equipped with hydraulic system and PLC control system, all operations of the dredger can be performed in the operating cabin.

4) The dredger is removable. So they can be easily disassembled and assembled.

5) Can be customized according to customer's project requirements.

6) All cutter suction dredgers are built by skilled workers and strictly inspected to ensure high quality and durability.

7) The dredger uses the world famous brand cummins engine, Shijiazhuang pump, Hangzhou gearbox, Siemens PLC control system and other best accessories.

8) Professional engineers will be sent to the project site to insist on the installation, commissioning, testing and operator training of the dredger

4. About us

Milestone dredger company was established in 2010 ,after a decade development and growth ,our company successfully equipment to nigeria ,Kazakhstan chad , indonesia , philippines ,thailand, maldives and other countries and regions especially the hydraulic cutter suction dredgind is widely recognized and praised by the customer   
Milestone dredger company is a renowned supplier of engineering equipment ,which is mainly engaged in cutter suction dredger ,dredging machine and sand dredging machine   
The cutter suction dredger is widely used in sand-excavating ,river dredging desilting ,reclamation for channels and land ,port construction, etc.cutter suction dredger is adaptable to the terrain environment ,which can be working in the shaded sea ,inland rivers, lakes and reservoirs for long time or 24-hours operation