Small 8 Inch Cutter Dredger Ship

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Small 8 iDredge Pipelinench cuttSand Dredging PumpeDredge Pipelinebucket Dredgerr dredger is self-propelled or non-self propelled, portable cutter suction dredger. The hull could be dismantled and re-assemble easily with box structure. Equipped with horizontal shifting devices, cutter ladder lifting devices, spud devices, deck crane and so on.

It is widely used in sand excavating, river dredging, desilting, reclamation for channels and land, port construction, etc.


Detailed Images of Small 8 Inch Cutter Dredger Ship

Specification of Small 8 Inch Cutter Dredger Ship 

Pump size8inch
Sand output160m3/h
Dredging depth1.5-11m
Max Discharge distance500m
Average draught1.5m
Dia. of in/out pipes250/200mm
Main engine298kw
Emergency genset15kw
Control systemSiemens PLC
Dia. Of cutter head1000mm
Dia. Of oil cylinder125mm
Electrical systemSchneider
SteelCCSB standard


Main Features of Small 8 Inch Cutter Dredger Ship

1) CCS ISO9001:2008 Certificate;
2) The cutter suction gold dredger is a kind of dismountable cutter suction dredger and non-propelled;
3) The cutter is directly driven by one low speed hydraulic motor;
4) The two spuds are operated by means of a hydraulic ram;
5) Oil for the hydraulic system is supplied by vane pumps.