18inch 4000m3 Cutter Suction Sand Dredger

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1. Introduction of 18inch 4000m3 Cutter Suction Sand Dredger

OuWater Jection Dredgerr cuttCutter Suction Dredgerer suction dredgers are designed by senior engineer, who have specialized in shipbuilding and dredging work for many years, to guarantee they are well-designed and practical.
Every cutter suction dredger is built by skilled workers and inspected strictly to assure the high quality and durability. Each finished dredger will be tested in our testing center to make sure it works smoothly when delivering to customers.
The dredgers are equipped with world famous powerful Cummins engines with lower oil consumption, durability, standardized accessories and easy maintenance.

1).Ladder for cutter suction dredger 

The ladder and cutter head for cutter suction dredger are mainly made of ladder steel structure, suction pipe, left and right traversing pulley, ladder lift and down pulley block, hydraulic pipe, cutter head, cutter head driving hydraulic motor, gear box etc.. The ladder is fixed on the main pontoon by two axle pins. Its main function is to install suction pipe and make the cutter head descend to certain depth and cut sand.

2). Deck crane and hydraulic oil cylinder 
The deck crane that installed beside the sand pump is a kind of lifting equipment with cantilever and mainly used as a tool when repairing the sand pump and replacing the wearing parts.
Hydraulic oil cylinder, usually used to lift or fall down the spuds to help the dredger's moving. The power will be offered by hydraulic system.

3).Operation cabin 

The dredger is equipped with an operation cabin that provides good visibility all around and good safely performance because of two lockable doors and a front window. And the dredger cabin is equipped with rest chair, air conditioner, the noise is very low, suitable for long working time. To pass low bridge and for road transport easily, the controlling room can be dismounted.

2. Detailed specification of 18inch 4000m3 Cutter Suction Sand Dredger

Pump size18inch
Sand output1200m3/h
Dredging depth1.5-15m
Max Discharge distance2500m
Average draught1.6m
Dia. of in/out pipes500/450mm
Main engine1200kw
Emergency genset24kw
Control systemSiemens PLC
Dia. Of cutter head1700mm
Dia. Of oil cylinder160mm
Electrical systemSchneider
SteelCCSB standard

3. After-sale Service of Cutter Suction Dredger