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Copper strips come in various grades, each suited for specific applications based on their composition, properties, and manufacturing standards. Here are some common grades of copper strips:

1. C11000 (Electrolytic Tough Pitch, ETP)

- Composition: 99.90% Cu

- Properties: High electrical and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, and good solderability.

- Applications: Electrical conductors, switchgear, transformers, and bus bars.

2. C12200 (Phosphorus Deoxidized, High Residual Phosphorus, DHP)

- Composition: 99.9% Cu, with small amounts of phosphorus.

- Properties: Good forming and welding characteristics, excellent resistance to hydrogen embrittlement.

- Applications: Plumbing tubes, heat exchangers, and radiators.

3. C10100 (Oxygen-Free Electronic, OFE)

- Composition: 99.99% Cu

- Properties: Very high electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent ductility and corrosion resistance.

- Applications: High-quality audio, electronic components, and vacuum tubes.

4. C10200 (Oxygen-Free, OF)

- Composition: 99.95% Cu

- Properties: High electrical and thermal conductivity, superior ductility, and resistance to hydrogen embrittlement.

- Applications: Electrical and electronic applications, anodes, and vacuum devices.

5. C14400 (Tin Bearing Copper)

- Composition: 99.7% Cu, with small amounts of tin.

- Properties: Enhanced resistance to corrosion, good solderability.

- Applications: Electrical connectors, terminals, and spring components.

6. C19400 (Copper-Iron Alloy)

- Composition: Copper with small amounts of iron and phosphorus.

- Properties: High strength, good conductivity, and good forming properties.

- Applications: Automotive electrical systems, connectors, and lead frames.

7. C22000 (Commercial Bronze, 90% Copper)

- Composition: 90% Cu, 10% Zn

- Properties: Good strength and corrosion resistance, good machinability.

- Applications: Jewelry, medals, connectors, and marine hardware.

8. C23000 (Red Brass, 85% Copper)

- Composition: 85% Cu, 15% Zn

- Properties: Good strength, corrosion resistance, and good machinability.

- Applications: Plumbing, heat exchangers, and decorative hardware.

9. C51000 (Phosphor Bronze, 5% A)

- Composition: 94.8% Cu, 5% Sn, 0.2% P

- Properties: High strength, good corrosion resistance, excellent elasticity and wear resistance.

- Applications: Springs, bearings, and electrical connectors.

10. C65500 (Silicon Bronze)

- Composition: 97% Cu, 3% Si

- Properties: High strength, good corrosion resistance, and excellent formability.

- Applications: Marine hardware, fasteners, and pole line hardware.

These grades are standardized by various organizations, such as ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and CDA (Copper Development Association), ensuring consistency and reliability in their properties and applications.

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