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What causes the yellow motor light to come on?


Reasons and solutions for the yellow light of the motor fault light

1. Oil quality problem: If the oil quality is not up to standard, it will also lead to insufficient combustion of the oil-air mixture when the motor is working, which will cause motor wear and tear in the long run, and will also cause the motor fault light to light up. Solution: Fill the fuel and motor oil according to the vehicle's standard fuel label and the type of motor oil recommended by the manufacturer.

2.Maintenance problems: This is the most common cause of motor failure. As we all know, vehicles will have a maintenance cycle. If the vehicle is not maintained on time, coupled with bad driving habits, it will cause certain damage to the motor in the long run, and the motor fault light will inevitably light up. Solution: Regularly go to the 4S shop to maintain the vehicle, and at the same time maintain good driving habits in daily driving.

3. Sensor failure: When sensors such as the oxygen sensor, water temperature sensor, crankshaft position, air flow, and entry temperature on the car fail, the ECU of the car will not be able to accurately obtain the data of the motor, and it will also cause the motor failure light to turn on. Solution: If the motor fault light is on due to the sensor, you only need to replace or adjust the corresponding sensor.

4. Air intake problem: When the motor is burning, it needs intake air. At this time, the air filter element is very important. If the air filter element is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause the air intake port to be blocked, and in severe cases, the motor will malfunction. The fault light comes on. Solution: Clean the air filter element regularly to ensure that the motor air intake is clean and tidy.



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