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Toothpick game


toothpick game

Every year when I go home during the Chinese New Year, I meet up with my old classmates when I was young, so I play a game at the dinner table called "guess the toothpick". This is a great game to play at parties. Suitable number of people: 5-10 people.

game one

1. Take 7 people as an example, please prepare 8 toothpicks. First of all, one person will act as the banker of the game. Players will randomly take a few toothpicks and put them in their hands. Of course, they cannot be seen by others.

2. Then the dealer asks other players to guess a number. This number is any number between 1-8. If the player fails to guess correctly, it is the next player's turn to guess the toothpick in the dealer's hand. If the guess is correct, the player who guesses correctly is penalized. If all players fail to guess correctly, the dealer will be penalized.

3. For example, seven people play together, assuming the dealer takes 5. The toothpick is in the hand, and then the player asks the other 6 players accordingly, for example: the first player guesses that there are 8 sticks, because the first player does not guess correctly, so the first player does not need to be punished. When it is the next turn, this person can only guess the remaining 7 numbers between 1-8, which are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. If this person guesses 6 and fails to guess, It's the next person's turn, so this person can only guess the remaining 6 numbers, which are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7. If this guess is correct, that is to say 5, then this person will Should be punished. If you don't guess correctly, it's the next person's turn. This cycle continues until the player guesses correctly. If all players fail to guess correctly, only the dealer will be punished.

4. If someone loses, he will be punished, and the person who was punished will be the player again, so that the game will continue. And without exception, everyone will be punished, and if you are unlucky, it will be more miserable.

game two

In fact, 1~2 people can also play the game! Many toothpicks, 1~2 people.

1. Holding the toothpick, suddenly let go, causing it to scatter on the table.

2. Pick up one by one. (Do not let other toothpicks move)

3. Whoever picks all the pieces first wins!

toothpick art

Toothpicks are not just a tool for picking teeth. With the development of the times, many people regard toothpicks as an art, and there are endless works of art stacked with toothpicks. They have also entered the ranks of works of art for others to collect.

toothpick sculpture

The total cost of toothpick sculpture is 100,000 toothpicks, and the toothpick sculpture vividly carves San Francisco's historical sites, landmarks and other famous attractions, which are subtly displayed. This sculptural work of art is not only exquisite in workmanship, but also expressive. What is even more unexpected is that a "green passage" is specially built in the work to put table tennis balls at the top entrance, and it will slowly roll down to the bottom along the green route, allowing you to appreciate its beauty and feel its magic at the same time


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