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Reasons for the reduction of the head of the fountain pump


In contemporary society, we can see many beautiful fountains. During the operation of the fountain pump, the lift will decrease. So what are the reasons for the decrease in the lift of the fountain pump? Let me introduce the reasons for the reduction of the head of the fountain pump.

 Reasons for the reduction of the head of the fountain pump:

 (1) Blockage of the impeller channel: It affects the work of the impeller of the fountain pump and causes the outlet pressure to drop.

(2) Internal leakage: When the gap between the rotating part and the stationary part in the fountain pump pump exceeds the design range, it will cause internal leakage, which is mainly reflected in the drop of the discharge pressure of the pump.

(3) Cavitation at the inlet: If the suction pressure of the pump is too low, cavitation will form when it is lower than the saturated vapor pressure of the pumped medium.

(4) Speed reduction: The important factors affecting the pump head are the outer diameter of the impeller and the speed of the pump.

(5) The operating point shifts toward high flow and low head: In general, centrifugal pumps have a continuous downward performance curve, and the flow gradually increases with the decrease of the head.

(6) Motor reverse rotation: due to wiring reasons, the rotation of the motor is opposite to the actual rotation required by the pump.

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