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Is the unit of anchor chain in centimeters?


Not in centimeters.

The length of the anchor chain is measured in knots. Our country stipulates that the standard length of each section of anchor chain is 27.5m, and in practice there are also 25m sections. Countries that use the imperial system use 15 extensions as a section, and the metric system is about 27.5m.

A complete anchor chain is composed of three types of links: anchor end link, middle link and end link. Except for the links with swivels, the number of links in each anchor chain should be an odd number to ensure that the connecting links or connecting shackles can lie flat in the holes of the sprocket when passing through the windlass sprocket. successfully passed.

Anchor chain details

Anchor chain can be divided into two types: geared anchor chain and unstacked anchor chain according to the structure of its chain links.

The chain links of the geared anchor chain are equipped with crossbars. When the size and material are the same, the strength of the geared chain is greater than that of the chain without gears, the deformation is smaller, and it is not easy to twist when stacked. It is widely used by modern large and medium-sized ships. The chain link of the unbarred anchor chain has no rungs and is only used on small ships.

The chain is the steel chain that connects the hull to the anchor. The main function of the anchor chain is to connect the anchor and the ship and transfer the anchor's grasping force to the hull. When anchoring, because the thrown anchor chain has a certain weight, it can buffer the ship in the water from external forces such as wind and current. effect.

The force exerted on the anchor by the anchor chain lying flat on the bottom of the water remains horizontal, which is conducive to the anchor's reliable grip on the bottom. At the same time, this part of the anchor chain can also provide part of the anchoring force due to the blocking effect of the soil.


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