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Is the machining stability of CNC six-sided drilling good?


Is the machining stability of CNC six-sided drilling good?

Advantages of six-sided CNC drilling machining center equipment:

1. The degree of automation is high. The six-sided drill can complete the processing of the front and back of the workpiece and all the four side holes at one time. It can be used in conjunction with the CNC cutting machine to realize the fully automated production of customized furniture.

2. The operation is simple. The CNC six-sided drill does not need to be manually turned over during the cutting process of the plate. The operation is simple and convenient, which improves the production efficiency and saves labor costs.

3. It has a wide range of applications. The CNC six-sided drill is suitable for processing various types of man-made panels and solid wood panels. It can be connected not only to CNC cutting machines, but also to electronic cutting saws. Various data formats, BAN, DXF, XML, MPR, BD, etc., mainstream software in the market can be docked, with high processing efficiency and precision, and can be widely used in woodworking industries such as panel furniture, whole house customization, and overall cabinet wardrobes.


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