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How to choose a water meter


1. Select the specifications of the water meter

When selecting specifications, the water meter with the most commonly used flow rate that is closest to this value should be chosen as the preferred choice based on the size and range of flow rate commonly used. Because the design of the water meter is based on the commonly used flow rate, the stability and durability of the water meter's performance under the commonly used flow rate are the best, which relatively meets the design requirements.

If the minimum flow rate and boundary flow rate are chosen, the range ratio (Q3/Q1) of different types of water meters will be different, which may lead to differences in commonly used flow rates. This may result in frequently used flow rates exceeding the commonly used flow rates of water meters, greatly reducing the service life of water meters.

2. Choose the model of the water meter

Whether it is a regular water meter or a smart water meter, we need to recognize the functional classification of the water meter and choose the appropriate water meter or smart water meter based on the actual situation on site. Common types of water meters include pointer type (represented by C), pointer digital combination type (represented by E), semi liquid sealed type (represented by Y), fully liquid sealed type (represented by F), and dry type (represented by G). According to the type indicated by the water meter, the word wheel type is generally preferred. A liquid sealed water meter with a digital wheel or a complete counter made of a certain concentration of glycerol or other liquid to seal the water meter. The clarity of the sealed and isolated counter is not affected by external water quality, and the reading is clear and easy to read. According to the practical functions of water meters, they are divided into ordinary mechanical water meters, intelligent water meters with electronic devices, and remote water meters, which are divided into wired remote transmission and wireless remote transmission. Prepaid intelligent water meter is a water meter with preset functions, which is composed of a regular water meter as the base meter, a controller, and an electronic control valve. It can achieve the management of "paying first, then using water".

3. Consider the convenience of installation and maintenance

For large caliber water meters, this is particularly important to consider. Therefore, water meters that can be installed, replaced, or repaired without stopping water supply (such as detachable water meters) can meet these requirements. The installation length and connection method of the water meter are also factors to consider.

4. Consider water quality adaptability

Due to various reasons, the water quality flowing through the water meter and reaching the water terminal in many situations is not as clean and ideal as in the water treatment plant, sometimes containing some impurities (such as rust blocks, sand, hemp, etc.). In this case, in addition to considering the installation of filters and other measures in the pipeline design of the water meter, selecting a water meter or flow meter that can adapt to such water quality needs to be considered.

5. Cost performance ratio

Purchasing any product requires consideration of its cost performance ratio. On the premise of meeting the basic requirements of the water meter calibration regulations or passing the first calibration of the water meter, the main performance of the water meter is the hygiene and durability of the material used, the reliability and convenience of reading, the size of pressure loss, the convenience of maintenance and disassembly, and the adaptability to the installation location (if possible installed outside the room).

In summary, selecting a water meter can be considered from the following points:

(1) Accurate and reliable measurement;

(2) Adapting to the water quality conditions of the pipeline network, durable and durable;

(3) Simple structure and high cost-effectiveness

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