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How far do the Sleeve Anchor of the pre-embedded sleeve on the top of the pile extend into the sleeve?


The embedded sleeve on the top of the pile refers to a steel pipe or steel cylinder of a certain length embedded on the top of the pile, which is usually used to connect other structures or facilities. In order to ensure that the sleeve can be firmly fixed on the pile top, a certain length of steel bars needs to be extended into the sleeve and fixed with appropriate anchoring methods.

The length of the Sleeve Anchor extending into the sleeve depends on the specific design requirements and construction requirements, and usually should meet the following requirements:

The length of the Sleeve Anchor extending into the sleeve should be sufficient to ensure a firm and reliable connection between the sleeve and the top of the pile.

The diameter and quantity of steel bars should comply with the design requirements to meet the load-bearing capacity of the sleeve and pile top.

The anchoring method should be reasonable and reliable, and can effectively fix the steel bars and sleeves.

Under normal circumstances, the length of the steel bar extending into the sleeve is usually between 100mm and 200mm. The specific length should be determined according to the specific design and construction requirements. At the same time, when anchoring Sleeve Anchor, it is necessary to ensure that the anchoring length complies with relevant specifications and standards to ensure the anchoring effect and load-bearing capacity of the steel bars.


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