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Features of single phase meters


Single Phase Electric Meter is an electric meter used to measure single phase electric energy consumption. It is typically used in home, small business or light duty electrical applications.

1. Single-phase power supply: Single Phase Electric Meter is suitable for single-phase power supply system. In most residential and small commercial buildings, the electricity supply is usually single phase.

2. Metering function: It has the function of accurately measuring power consumption. By recording the current and voltage across the meter, and the time it takes, electricity usage, usually measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), is calculated.

3. Analog and Digital Display: Single Phase Electric Meter may be equipped with an analog or digital display. Digital display screens are more common, which can intuitively display power consumption, so that users can understand the power consumption situation.

4. Simple installation: Because single-phase meters are suitable for smaller loads, their installation is usually relatively simple. Installation in a home or small commercial building is usually easy.

5. Basic functions: Single Phase Electric Meter usually only has basic power consumption measurement functions. In contrast, three-phase meters for industrial or large commercial use have more advanced features.

6. Reliability: This type of meter is generally reliable and will provide accurate energy metering over its lifetime.

7. Relatively low cost: Due to the relatively simple design of the Single Phase Electric Meter, its cost is relatively low, making it a common choice for residential and small business users.

For large commercial or industrial users, a three-phase meter may be required to meet more complex energy needs.


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